May I Come In Madam – Sanju troubled by drunkard boss

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Sanjana started getting drunk in office. There are many issues in Sanju’s life. Kashmira gets angry on Sanju and asks does he have any shame to get wine for Sanjana every day.

Bhupesh tells Kashmira that Sanju is the one who is feeding wine to Sanjana in office hours, and then Sanjana is acting as a drunkard and troubling everyone. Sanju takes Sanjana’s bad behavior with others in a good way, as this was his idea to suggest her to start drinking so that her Papa Chedi can quit drinking forever.

Sanju goes to drop drunken Sanjana home. She makes him stop the car on the midway and dances crazily on roads. While Sanju enjoys her dance, the police comes there and beats up Sanju. Sanju lands in big problem and is arrested. Sanju thinks of the bad consequences happening by his foolish idea and takes a decision to resign. Sanju gives his resignation letter to Sanjana and tells her that he can’t work at a place where the boss is a drunkard. What will happen next? Keep reading.






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