Rishi and Tanuja’s road trip to bring them together in Kasam


The family is against Tanuja. Raj is supporting Tanuja. Raj arranges tickets for Rishi and Tanuja’s honeymoon. Everyone gets a shock. Rano acts rude to Tanuja when she serves breakfast to Rano. Rishi gets unwell.

Rano makes him drink the kada. She also asks Tanuja to have the kada. They did not know what Rano mixed in the kada. Rano does not want Rishi to go on honeymoon with Tanuja. She wants Rishi to marry Malaika. Rishi and Tanuja fall asleep by having the kada. Rishi and Tanuja miss the flight. Raj suggests Rishi and Tanuja to reach the destination by road. He insists Rishi to leave. Malaika and Rano get upset by Raj’s plannings. Raj says its better that Rishi and Tanuja missed the light, as the road trip will be more better for them. Rishi and Tanuja’s romance and moments will be seen.


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