Harman takes a stand for Soumya yet again in Shakti


Mahi is ready to do any adjustments to live with Harman. She asks Harman to prove if he has no relation with Soumya and has just sympathy for Soumya in his heart. She tells him that she will become his wife if he proves his love is only for her.

Harman has to give loyalty test. Mahi gets the sweater made by Soumya and asks him to burn the sweater. Harman tells Mahi that he can’t forget Soumya. Mahi really loves Harman and is disappointed.

Soumya feels guilty and holds herself responsible for everything. Mahi angrily raises hand on Soumya, while Harman stops Mahi from slapping Soumya. Mahi understands Harman loves Soumya and fumes with anger. She tells Harman that she will not marry him now and leaves from there. Mahi will turn negative and trouble Soumya. Soumya is looking forward for some peace and stability in her life. Will Mahi let the lovers be in peace? Keep reading.


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