Naamkarann – Avni’s surname


Neela felicitates Avni in the award function. Asha is very happy for Avni. Avni is called on the stage. Ashish witnesses the moment from far and feels proud of his superstar daughter. Avni goes on the stage.

Neela asks Avni her full name. Avni rechristens herself to Avni Aisha. It’s a special moment for Asha. Asha gets too emotional. Neela asks Avni her surname. Avni tells her that Aisha is her mother’s name, which she has kept as her surname. Neela asks her about her father’s name. Asha gets shaken up and fears. Avni shows dareness and confidence to answer everyone. Avni tells everyone that her father did not marry her mother, and her mother is her identity. Asha, Ashish and Neela are all proud of Avni, but Ashish gets disheartened losing Avni totally. Keep reading.


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