Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil – Naina’s honesty


Chanchal meets with an accident, but does not get hurt. Chanchal fools Naina by acting as if her baby and her are suffering by the accident. Naina gets after taking care of Chanchal, and also the medical expenses. Rajeev tells Chanchal about the rich Mehra family. They make a plan to dupe them for money.

Rajeev tells Balraj that this accident happened by his car and demands a compensation. Naina gets to know Rajeev is fooling Mehras for money. Balraj is ready to pay the medical bills to compensate.

Naina thinks Rajeev is cheating this family and speaks out the truth. She tells Raghav and everyone that Chanchal and baby are absolutely fine, and asks them not to worry. Dadi thinks this girl has stood against her family for the sake of truth, and gets impressed by her honesty. Keep reading.


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