Preeti to declare her love for Lucky in Mere Angne Mein


Riya spots Preeti with a guy on the road. She learns about Preeti and Lucky’s affair and gets worried as Preeti is cheating Nandu. Riya does not know that Nandu is playing Lucky’s role to win Preeti’s love.

Riya rushes home and tells the family that Preeti is having an affair and she is cheating Nandu. Shanti, Shivam, Kaushalya and Nimmi get a big shock. Nimmi tells that she has also seen Preeti with a guy before. Preeti angrily admits her affair and asks them if she is doing anything wrong.


As Pari taught her, she points to Nandu and Nimmi’s affair. She tells everyone that she loves Lucky. She calls Nimmi a characterless girl and argues. She declares to everyone that she will marry Lucky. Preeti goes to the extent of insulting her family infront of the neighbors. When Nandu reaches home, Preeti angrily insults Nandu and asks for a divorce. Sarla and Pari are happy seeing the house breaking drama in Shanti Sadan. Shivam tries explaining Preeti that she is doing is wrong. Shanti scolds Preeti a lot and dismisses the divorce demand. Preeti does Sarla’s type of drama and rushes to set herself on fire.

Seeing all this shocking things, Kaushalya faints. Raghav gets to know of Preeti’s doings. To save the family reputation and Kaushalya’s health, he accepts Preeti’s divorce demand. He asks Nandu to give divorce to Preeti. Nandu sees entire family agreeing to Preeti and decides to leave the house.

Raghav gets ashamed by Preeti’s steps and could not meet Nandu’s eyes. Preeti forces Nandu to sign on the divorce papers before he leaves from Shanti Sadan. Sarla asks Shanti to get Preeti remarried. She suggests Shanti and everyone to go and meet Lucky and his family. What will be Shanti’s decision about Lucky? Keep reading.


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