Santoshi Maa: Dhairya’s negativity


Santoshi thinks Dhairya should not know that she comes to study at some place. Dhairya and his friend pass by, and spot Santoshi. Santoshi thinks if Dhairya knows this, it will be humiliating for him.

Devi Paulmi is glad to get Dhairya as her devotee and is supporting him by filling more negative emotions is his heart and mind. Dhairya’s friend sees Santoshi and asks Dhairya if his wife comes here to study. Dhairya feels insulted and ashamed seeing Santoshi at a poor place. Dhairya can’t bear Santoshi ruining his reputation. Dhairya has got much negative elements in himself, like greed, jealousy, anger, revenge and hatred. What will Dhairya do now? Will Santoshi’’s step break them apart? Keep reading.



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