Chakor and Suraj’s action, romance and drama next in Udaan

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Chakor and Suraj get worried seeing Ranjana manipulating and using the lady reporter. Bhaiya ji acts sweet to Chakor and Suraj. Chakor worries thinking the the media will learn the truth about Suraj and her marriage.

Chakor uses media presence and forces Ragini to run on the treadmill. Ragini gets angry. Suraj manages to convince the media about the lovely bond Chakor and he share. Suraj and Chakor succeed in pulling off a good couple act. Bhaiyaji gets angry at Ranjana for her foolish plan that got more fame for Suraj.

Suraj is asked about his drinking habit. Suraj thinks how to lie to them, and understands Chakor’s step to always stop him from having wine. Chakor and Suraj get into an argument, and this gives reason to Bhaiya ji to get happy. Bhaiya ji hopes that the reporter brings Chakor and Suraj’s truth out.

Meanwhile, Suraj and Chakor leave to meet Yogesh. Chakor and Suraj will do lots of action fights in the village. They were finding a goon Yogesh to get evidence against Bhaiya ji. The goons were beating an innocent shop vendor. Chakor tells Suraj that they should save the man, as they are not cowards. Suraj refuses. Chakor goes to save the man alone.

The goons attack Chakor. Chakor beats the goon with a stick. Suraj looks on as his wife beats the men. When the goons goes to backstab her, Suraj stops the goon and asks him will he attack a girl from behind, and beats the goons. The goons are Yogesh’s men and catch Suraj and Chakor to take them to Yogesh.






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