Gautami to become Shivangi’s weakness in Naagin 2


Shivangi and Sesha have an open war. Shivangi cheats Avantika by taking Rudra’s help, and calls her to some dark place. Shivangi goes to kill Avantika, but Sesha comes in nick of the moment. She saves Avantika.

Sesha warns Avantika and tells her to leave from this place fast, else even she can’t protect her. Shivangi shouts that she will not leave anyone. Shivangi goes out and collides with Gautami. Shivangi tells Gautami the secret of Ichhadhari Naagin and Naagmani. Gautami gets a big shock knowing Shivangi is a Naagin. She gets scared and feels like some dream.

Shivangi tries to explain Gautami the truth and how enemies have killed Shivanya. Gautami is the only family for Shivangi now. Shivangi will take revenge from Sesha first. Shivangi is worried for Gautami. Shivangi hides Gautami and says you are my weakness, if they see you, they will kill you. Gautami worries. Shivangi asks Gautami not to come infront of Sesha. Sesha gets bitten by a scorpion and faints by the poison. Shivanyi fears Yamini can target Gautami, and thinks to first secure Gautami, and then proceed with the revenge.


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