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Jamai Raja:Satya gives a beautiful surprise to Mahi. He gets all her childhood memories with her father Neil and mother Anya. Mahi cries and touches her parents pic.

Satya comes close to Mahi. Mahi and Satya hug. Mahi will get Payal’s love as she got Satya’s love. Mahi is upset. She is expecting to get Payal’s love. Satya will fulfill his promise by uniting Payal and Mahi.

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Naagin 2: Sesha is unconscious by scorpion poison. Sesha’s other avatar goes to woo Vikram and flirts with him. Rudra has attacked Vikram by taking Sesha’s avatar. Vikram faints. Rudra has taken the revenge by using Sesha’s avatar. Sesha is saved by Kapalika. Kapalika cuts Sesha’s finger and gets some blood sample to know the matter of the scorpion bite. Kabalika reads mantras. Sesha gets conscious. Rudra has changed the scorpion poison and saved Shivangi, making Sesha drink the poison. Kabalika tells Yamini and Avantika that Sesha has poison in her blood.

Udaan: Chakor and Suraj run away from the goons of Bhaiya ji. Actress Vidya Balan will be entering the show to promote her movie Kahaani 2. Durga Rani is good to kids. Durga Rani’s posters are in village. The women feel Durga is the lady who kidnaps the children. Chakor comes and stops villagers from insulting Durga. She scolds the women and defends Durga. Chakor and Durga encourage each other in their individual fights. Chakor asks Durga not to worry and hold her hand, and run as fast as she can. Durga is finding her daughter. Chakor and Durga help each other.


Preeto asks Harman to get away from him and angrily goes to commit suicide. She gets kerosene and pours on herself to burn herself. On the other hand, Harman does drama and gets a knife.

He threatens Preeto and asks her to stop, else he will cut his wrist. He asks her not to do drama. He says stop nonsense, you know I love you. Preeto gets a matchstick to burn herself. Harman cuts his wrist to stop Preeto. Preeto gets shocked and worries for him. Soumya gets shocked seeing this. Preeto is trying best to make Soumya out of the house. The suicide drama is happening because of Soumya.

Swaragini: Ragini tells family that she can’t believe that Abhimanyu is just Laksh’s look alike as she is sure that he is her husband Laksh. She says if she does not get her Laksh, then she will not not be alive. Ragini and Swara have made the suicide drama. Ragini says Laksh is not affected the drama and feels bad. Ragini tries best to make Laksh admit he is Laksh.





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