Ragini to find clues against Mansi in Swaragini

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Swara and Sanskar are working as servants, and staying close to Abhimanyu. Sanskar wants to know why is Laksh acting to be Abhimanyu and not admitting the truth. Sanskar knows Abhimanyu is his brother Laksh. He is creating that drama that Laksh admits his truth.

They see Ragini’s suicide drama by playing it on tv. Abhimanyu gets shocked seeing it. Swara and Sanskar could not bring Abhimanyu/Laksh’s truth out. Ragini acts to commit suicide. Sanskar tells Abhimanyu to see Ragini’s poor state, so that his heart changes and he goes to stop Ragini from dying. But, he does not react much infront of Mansi. Abhimanyu does not go to stop Ragini. This breaks Ragini’s heart. Swara and Sanskar will come up with the new plan to find Laksh’s truth.

On the other hand, Ragini is upset and walks on the road. Ragini goes to confront Abhimanyu. Ragini tries to find the car which was responsible for Swara’s accident. Ragini spots the car near Abhimanyu’s house. The car is registered on Mansi’s name. Will Ragini find out Mansi’s truth? Keep reading.






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