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Naagarjun: Arjun and Noorie have got married. Its their wedding night. Maskini takes Noorie’s avatar and takes Noorie’s place. Arjun will be finding real Noorie, who disappeared by Maskini’s move.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Raja is injured. Rani takes care of him and does his dressing. Tere naal ishqa…..They are in love and get romantic. Its special cute romantic moment between them. Raja has come back home. Rani and Raja do the puja together. Rani recalls her promise and tells Raja that she has to visit some lady’s house. Raja asks her to go and supports Rani in her work.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi has got Nikita home. Pragya is very happy, but Aaliya has made arrangements to ruin Pragya’s happiness. Aaliya gives Abhi and Tanu’s wedding invitation card to Pragya. Pragya swears to make Abhi recall everything and regain his memory. Pragya throws the wedding card and challenges Aaliya to stop her if she can.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev has done a big mistake by coming home late and is scared of Sonakshi’s silence. He asks her to scold him a lot and hands over a pillow to her, asking her to beat him and then forgive him. Dev and Sonakshi’s story is not going ahead. Dev tells Sonakshi that she is a smart wife. Sonakshi happily gives him a kiss. Dev did not understand how Sonakshi gave him a kiss, instead of beating him, when he came much late. Sonakshi thinks to play with Dev, and not react as he thought. Dev finds her unpredictable.


Raina and Rishabh were on the way in their car, and passing through the jungle. Someone stops them and gives shocking news that Brahmarakshas is kidnapped. Raina and Rishabh enter the jungle and start finding Brahmarakshas, in the lonely night.. Raina gets tired. Rishabh asks her to walk to some more distance. Raina shows him a tall tree and suggests to look for Brahmarakshas from the top.

Rishabh climbs the tree and looks for the Brahmarakshas. Someone has kidnapped the devil. Rishabh is trying to know who is that power who has kidnapped Brahmarakshas. Sanjay is around them. Raina and Rishabh get to see Brahmarakshas’ blood on the ground and get a shock.


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