Pardes – Marriage contract


Raghav tells Veer that Dadi wants him to meet Naina. Veer does not like Naina and is forced by Dadi to meet her. Veer gets a plan and makes a pre nuptial contract, knowing Naina talks of her great values and will refuse to this alliance.

Raghav takes Naina to the place, where Veer is waiting to meet her. Naina gets happy seeing the scenery. Raghav says Veer planned a good location. Veer meets Naina on the date and hands over the pre nuptial contract. Naina gets shocked and asks Veer about it. Veer says if there is any complication after marriage, he does not want his property and wealth to be unsafe. He asks her to sign the contract if she wants to marry him. Naina gets angry and answers her that she is marrying him, not his wealth and business. Marriage means a relation of lifetime for Naina, Naina refuses to sign on the contract and leaves. Raghav witnesses all this and runs after Naina to stop her. Raghav has turned into her good friend. Naina hugs Raghav, while he consoles her. Keep reading.


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