Rudra gets kidnapped by Romi in Ishqbaaz


Omkara calls Rudra to know his whereabouts. Rudra’s basketball coach attends the call and tells Omkara that Rudra is busy in practice. He tells Rudra is fine and will call back once he gets free.

Romi has kidnapped Rudra. She made the man lie by using her Devi avatar. She wants to get Rudra back in her life. Soumya is worried for Rudra. Omkara tells Soumya that Rudra is busy practising, as the coach informed. Soumya feels Rudra is in big problem. Her fears turns true, as Rudra is badly caught up by Romi again. Romi chains Rudra and locks him to punish for breaking a Devi’s heart. She asks why did you cheat me. She gives him another chance as she regards him a Devta. She asks him to stay with her and accept her as his wife. Rudra refuses to her. Rumi threatens Rudra by showing the next level of torture, that’s the nail bed. She orders the men to put Rudra on the nail bed. Rudra panics and screams. Will Soumya be able to rescue Rudra?Keep reading.


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