Shakti – Preeto’s plottings


Soumya does not know what she is experiencing. She is going through a lot of mixed emotions. Soumya is worried and does not know what to do.

Harman finds her worried after seeing Preeto’s anger drama. Harman and Soumya fight over occupying the room bed. Harman and Soumya offer the comfort sleep on the bed to each other. Soumya gets angry after arguing with Harman. Harman says you are angry with me, I have an idea to make you smile. Harman talks to her and pacifies her. He holds her hand and takes her out for a walk in the garden. They have a talk.

Thundering starts to bring filmi romance, and Soumya tensely hugs Harman. Preeto comes there and gets angry seeing them hugging. Preeto can’t accept a kinner bahu. Harman regards his relation with Soumya as friendship. Harman asks Soumya about the past happenings. There was much drama at home.


Harman comforts Soumya and trying to lighten the worry. Preeto starts making new plans. Harman makes Soumya smile. Preeto has told Harman that either of Soumya or her will stay in the house. Harman had to choose between Preeto and Soumya, and chooses Soumya, which angers Preeto to the core. Harman tells Preeto that he will leave from the house, but Preeto does not let her son leave.

Harman can’t see Soumya upset and says he wants to take Soumya away from all of them. Preeto stops Harman and asks him to stay in the house along with Soumya. She decides to keep Soumya at home and play games. Preeto’s pain will come out in a new way. There will be new avatar of Preeto. She will turn sweet to Harman and Soumya’s relation, but her motive will be same to kick out Soumya from Harman’s life.


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