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Swaragini:Sanskar and family got police to Abhimanyu’s house to make him admit that he is Laksh. But Laksh is adamant, and does not accept that he is Laksh. Sanskar tries hard to make Abhimanyu admit truth.


Malaika has come to create hurdles in Rishi and Tanuja’s lives. Rishi is troubled by Malaika. He thinks Malaika is planning to break them, as she knows their whereabouts and comes everywhere following them. Rishi and Tanuja make excuse, and run away from the hotel. Malaika gets worried to lose track on them. Malaika finds Tanuja. She takes her aside and insults her, asking her to be away from Rishi. Rishi comes there finding Tanuja, and tells her about Raj’s call. Tanuja gets happy seeing Rishi wearing her choice of clothes. Malaika gets angry seeing Rishi and Tanuja’s bonding.


Mannu has fallen in big danger, when a witch gets after him to kill him. A boy Yuvraj saves Mannu. Mannu asks what’s your name. The old lady tells Amba that Yuvraaj is Charan’s son, and gives his photo to Amba. Amba gets a big shock. Will Yuvraaj claim his rights on Charan’s property and Shah post? Will he take Mannu’s rights while saving his life?

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P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke:

Vikram tries finding proof against Imaan, and does not get anything at the photography store. Ayaan meets Vikram at college. Vikram decides to use Ayaan against his father. Vikram convinces Ayaan to spy on Imaan. Imaan and Nazneen celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti with Singh family. The distance between Sartaj and Harleen gets less. Imaan tries to win his children Shaira and Ayaan, while Ayaan continues to work secretly for Vikram. Nazneen is in dilemma over accepting Imaan. Harleen tells Nazneen to live for the family’s happiness, when its tough to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Nazneen bonds with Imaan, while Sartaj starts valuing Harleen.

May I Come In Madam:

Sanju has turned into an obsessed love of Sanjana. He is tricking Sanjana as Ratnesh Dilwala, after Sanjana tells him that she likes craziness in love. Sanjana gets to know of Sanju’s plans to fool her. She realizes Sanju is Ratnesh. Kashmira thinks Sanju is supporting love to the madness level. Kashmira turns obsessed for Sanju to please him. Sanju falls in trouble, as Kashmira and Sanjana target him. Later on, Sanju is seeing a beautiful dream, where Sanjana is wooing him by dancing for him. Sanju gets shocked seeing Sanjana at his home, and cooking food in the kitchen. Sanju is imagining Sanjana everywhere. He sees Sanjana in Kashmira. Sanju is addicted to Sanjana.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WN4QPMb75Xw]


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