Many twists and turns lined up in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Adelaide track


Raman and Ishita reach Adelaide for Pihu. Raman tells Ishita thar they got separated becuase of Pihu, and Ruhi united them now. Raman hopes that their family will be uniting soon. Raman and Ishita wish to stay with Adi, Ruhi and Pihu together.

Raman spends quality time with both his daughters Ruhi and Pihu. The girls are happy to meet after a long time. Vidyut fools Ruhi that Ishita and he have an affair. Ruhi’s happiness gets into tension seeing Ishita with Vidyut. Later, Ishita meets Raman and tells about how Vidyut has tricked Ruhi, and made her believe of their affair. Raman asks Ishita not to worry, and informs her about Shagun and Vidyut’s friendship. Raman got to know that Vidyut is dating Shagn and fears that his plan maybe known to Shagun. While Raman tells this to Ishita, they come up with a plan to take Vidyut’s help again. Raman and Ishita hug, and get spotted by Shagun.

Shagun gets a shock realizing Raman and Ishita were fooling her since a year. Ishita sees Shagun behind them and signs to Raman. Raman starts arguing with Ishita and takes the talk bitterly towards their divorce. Raman makes Shagun believe him that he will give divorce to Ishita. After Ishita leaves, Raman fools Shagun by his anger on Ishita and his marriage. Shagun gets convinced that Raman and Ishita are not together. Ruhi overhears Raman’s bitter words against Ishita, and confronts Raman over the same. Raman sends Shagun and Pihu away.

Ruhi gives an emotional lecture to Raman, which makes him glad knowing how much Ruhi loves Ishita and is fighting for Ishita’s rights. Raman and Ishita meet Vidyut and tell him Shagun’s truth, as Shagun is the woman who lied to Vidyut that Pihu is not her daughter. They tell Vidyut that Shagun is fooling him and she is the one responsible for their separation with Pihu.

Vidyut understands Shagun’s game. Raman requests Vidyut to help them and convinces him to make Shagun fall in love with him, so that Shagun herself denies her relation with Pihu to go ahead in her new relationship with Vidyut.

Vidyut gets convinced to workout their plan. Ruhi spots Vidyut with Shagun, and gets upset thinking Vidyut is playing with both Ishita and Shagun’s feelings by double timing them. She meets Vidyut at the stadium and gets her anger out. Vidyut impresses Shagun by his charm. Shagun finds her life turning exciting. Vidyut proposes Shagun. Shagun takes a decision to leave Pihu with Raman, inorder to go with Vidyut. Ruhi thinks to expose Vidyut’s plans and stop him from hurting her mothers. Will Ruhi spoil Raman and Ishita’s plan unknowingly? Keep reading.


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