Shivay prepones his wedding with Tia in Ishqbaaz


After Shivay sends Anika in the car, Anika gets a call from Daksh. Anika gets a reason to come back to Oberoi mansion. Daksh scares Soumya so that Soumya calls Anika home.

Soumya feels someone is stalking her and seeks Daksh’s help. Daksh called Anika home to comfort Soumya. Soumya tells Anika that she really felt someone is around. Daksh succeeds to get Anika back. Anika finds Soumya’s tension about marriage and Reyaan. Soumya hides the marriage truth. Soumya is worried and in dilemma over what she wants in her life. Shivay recalls Daksh’s dirty plans. He asks servants if they have seen Daksh or Anika. Shivay does not know Anika is present in Oberoi mansion.


Anika goes to meet Daksh. Soumya asks a servant to send tea for Anika in Daksh’s room. Shivay gets to hear Anika is with Daksh in his room, and gets a shock. He gets angered realizing Daksh’s misdeed. Daksh sees Shivay reaching his room and starts his drama to trick Shivay. Anika sets Daksh’s room. Daksh makes tea fall over his tshirt and makes excuse of changing clothes. He gets close to Anika and wears his shirt, while seeing Shivay in the mirror, setting a wrong impression in Shivay’s mind. Shivay gets a big shock.

Daksh proves he has won the challenge. Shivay can’t believe what’s meeting his eyes. He gets heartbroken and also get bitterness in his heart for Anika. Shivay starts hating Anika and hurts his hand by hitting on the wall. Shivay angrily takes a decision to prepone his wedding with Tia. He calls a press conference to announce his wedding date. Dadi, Pinky and Omkara do not know what is the matter.

Omkara finds Shivay worried and asks him to talk. Shivay asks Omkara to wait till press conference ends. Oberoi family guesses what is Shivay going to announce. Anika joins the family and asks the reason for press conference. Shivay announces his wedding advancement. He tells the media that he was marrying Tia next week, but now he has changed his mind and preponed the date. He announces that he will marry Tia tomorrow. Family gets a shock. Dadi and Omkara think of Shivay’s decision. Shivay does not give explanation to anyone. Anika feels hurt and does not react much. Keep reading.


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