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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Raja takes different avatars to please Rani. Raja impresses Rani and wins her heart by gifting her flowers. Raja and Rani have happy moments between them after a long time.


Naina and Raghav are shedding tears. Raghav is crying as he is blamed of theft. Pam and Balraj scold Raghav and check his room. They insult Raghav. Raghav feels he did not earn the family’s respect till now. Raghav got emotional and thinks to leave from the house. Raghav packs his bags. He keeps Dadi and his pictures. He recalls the happy moments spent with Dadi and the family since his childhood. Pam does not show any sympathy. She acts rude and asks Raghav to get his bags checked as well, as Raghav may steal anything while leaving. Naina is crying because Veer has given her the pre-nuptial contract.


Sanjay is caught up and is treated by the doctors. Mohini is getting negative and doing all this. Sanjay has got kidnapped and taken to a laboratory, where the doctors give him huge injections. Sanjay wakes up and shakes the cage, beats the doctors and screams.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

The Bhalla women have asked them to have a party, and allowed them total freedom for a day. Vidyut is a party animal and becomes their Guru. They all drink and have a talk. Vidyut makes a perfect plan for boys’ night out to make them enjoy well. But, the twist comes when their happy mood breaks. Vidyut’s fan has sent a gift for him. Raman gets the gift basket left outside Vidyut’s door and gives it to Vidyut. Vidyut gets the call from his fan. The female fan is mad about Vidyut. Vidyut scolds her and asks her not to spread false rumors. He tells Raman that this girl is mad and has crossed all limits.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Gopi has rescued Kokila. Jaggi leaves from the mandap, and goes to free Kokila with Gopi. Gopi comes in action, and heads back to the mandap. She pours water and blows off the havan kund fire. Urvashi asks Gopi what is this bad joke. Gopi exposes Radhika and Mangesh with Urmila’s help. Radhika acts to cry. Mangesh’s men get the pistols to kill Jaggi. Urmila has removed the bullets and fails their plan.


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