Jaggi and Gopi to get married in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Gopi has rescued Kokila. Jaggi leaves from the mandap, and goes to free Kokila with Gopi. Gopi comes in action, and heads back to the mandap. She pours water and blows off the havan kund fire. Urvashi asks Gopi what is this bad joke.

Gopi exposes Radhika and Mangesh with Urmila’s help. Radhika acts to cry. Mangesh’s men get the pistols to kill Jaggi. Urmila has removed the bullets and fails their plan. Radhika cries and apologizes to Urvashi and Jaggi. She asks Jaggi to marry her. Jaggi scolds Radhika. Jaggi gets adamant and asks Gopi to marry him. Gopi refuses to him and shouts on him. Jaggi declares that he will marry Radhika, if Gopi does not agree. He lifts Radhika and takes her to the mandap. Gopi asks Jaggi how can he marry Radhika after knowing everything. Jaggi sticks to his decision. Urvashi stops Jaggi, and requests Gopi to marry Jaggi to save him from Radhika.


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