Raghav to leave Mehra family; Naina heartbroken in Pardes


Naina and Raghav are shedding tears. Raghav is crying as he is blamed of theft. Pam and Balraj scold Raghav and check his room. They insult Raghav. Raghav feels he did not earn the family’s respect till now.

Raghav got emotional and thinks to leave from the house. Raghav packs his bags. He keeps Dadi and his pictures. He recalls the happy moments spent with Dadi and the family since his childhood. Pam does not show any sympathy. She acts rude and asks Raghav to get his bags checked as well, as Raghav may steal anything while leaving. Naina is crying because Veer has given her the pre-nuptial contract. Rajeev and Chanchal ask Naina to accept the agreement. Chanchal has done shopping of heavy amount and wants Naina to bring money by accepting Veer’s proposal. Naina is heartbroken. Naina and Raghav will be healing each other’s heart bruises. Keep reading.


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