Shani – Yama’s enmity deepens


After knowing about Shani’s fight with the Asur, Indra and Shukracharya understand that Shani is the justice doer, the power sent on earth by Mahadev Shiv, the Nyay Shakti. They both have an argument over Shani.

Kaakol gets to witness their argument. He goes to Suryalok and tells this to Surya and Chaya. Surya does not let Chaya meet Shani and is angry. Shani is shocked knowing Surya’s decision. Indra confronts Surya and makes him apologize to his wife Sandhya. Surya apologizes to Chaya and asks her to get Shani in Suryalok. Shani finds the ego in Surya’s eyes and shows him down by making his mother Chaya appear larger than Surya. Shani uses his powers to do so. Yama gets angry seeing this and becomes Shani’s enemy. Shani tells Chaya that he will try to make his relation with Surya better. He can’t see Chaya worried. Later, Indra and Shukracharya think of Shani. They both could not believe that Shani is actually Surya’s son. Shani apologizes to Surya. Their difference in ideologies break the peace again.


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