Vidyut troubled by an obsessed fan in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman, Romi, Adi and Mr. Bhalla meet Vidyut at his home. They want to make a plan. They all got freedom from wives for 24 hours. They ask Vidyut to suggest them something that they can live their life better.

The Bhalla women have asked them to have a party, and allowed them total freedom for a day. Vidyut is a party animal and becomes their Guru. They all drink and have a talk. Vidyut makes a perfect plan for boys’ night out to make them enjoy well. But, the twist comes when their happy mood breaks. Vidyut’s fan has sent a gift for him. Raman gets the gift basket left outside Vidyut’s door and gives it to Vidyut. Vidyut gets the call from his fan. The female fan is mad about Vidyut. Vidyut scolds her and asks her not to spread false rumors. He tells Raman that this girl is mad and has crossed all limits. Vidyut’s obsessive fan is after him always. She is spreading the news of their marriage, which angers Vidyut. Keep reading.


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