Ishqbaaz – Iconic moments of Shivika and Roumya…


Shivay and Anika’s pre marriage meet turns iconic. Shivay breaks the silence and then does not say anything. Shivay has the emotions boiling in his heart. Anika asks him to speak up. Shivay does not say. Anika asks him to speak up the truth and not lie, as he will never get the chance again. She tries to explore his emotions.

Shivay denies the fact that he was going to say something. Anika requests him to say it. Shivay maintains his silence. He says there is nothing to say. She keeps on asking feeling there is something Shivay is close to say. Shivay does not tell her. Anika pours water on his face like their initial meets. Anika cries and leaves thinking its her final moment between them. Elders do the last-minute arrangements. Pinky cross checks all the arrangements and is worried. Pinky is nervous. Shivay asks Pinky why is she nervous when its his marriage. Pinky realizes she will become mother in law now. Dadi calls Shivay an old guy, who has never fallen in love. When Dadi remarks maybe Shivay was in love, Shivay just thinks of Anika.

Omkara and Soumya are on mission to find Rudra. Omkara does not tell anything to Shivay. He tells everyone that Rudra is fine and they will get Rudra home in some time. Shivay waits for Omkara and Rudra. Romi tortures Rudra further. Rudra tells the men to leave him, as he is not a Devta. The men ask him to accept he is Romi’s husband, a Devta. Rudra shouts for help. They shut Rudra’s mouth. Omkara and Soumya reach there. Soumya asks Omkara to act as Romi’s devotee inorder to cross the tight security. Rudra thinks there is no way to leave from here without accepting he is Romi’s husband, Rudra Dev. Rudra agrees he is Devta and determines to teach a lesson to Romi. Poor Rudra gets a glass of water by accepting Romi.

Soumya and Omkara dress as Romi’s devotees and get an entry in Romi’s house. They get shocked seeing Rudra’s bad state. Omkara frees Rudra from the metal chains, while Soumya cries by guilt that she did not make Rudra aware of Romi on time. Soumya lends her support to Rudra. Omkara tries to take Rudra as soon as possible, but is intervened by Romi. Romi threatens to kill Omkara and Soumya. Rudra threatens to kill Romi in her reply. Soumya angrily goes to slap Romi and warns her to be away from Rudra. Rudra feels his marriage with Soumya was not a mistake. He realizes the love between him and Soumya.

On the other hand, Anika reaches the mandap with Shivay. Anika has tears in her eyes and makes Shivay wear the varmala. Pinky does their ghatbandhan. Pinky is happy for this famous Shitia marriage. No one knows that bride is swapped. Shivay is lucky to get Anika as his life partner. Dadi gets happy to get Anika as her grandbahu. Even Omkara and Rudra get happy as they always wanted Shivay and Anika to pair up, instead Shivay and Tia.

Dadi asks Shivay why does he look upset after his marriage. Shivay has maintained a long silence, while Anika is in shock by Shivay’s step. Anika does not know to be happy or sad by the marriage. Keep reading.


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