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Raj has arrived to meet Rishi and Tanuja at the hotel. Rishi and Tanuja get surprised and greet Raj well. Rishi does not know why Raj has come. Raj came to see if there is any trouble. Tanuja cries because of Malaika. Raj wants to make sure Tanuja does not face any problem by Malaika.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi and Rocky have a romantic moment. Rocky madly loves Shivangi and is trying all the things to impress Shivangi. Rocky wants Shivangi’s attention and gives a beautiful surprise to Shivangi by getting the romantic scenario in sight. Rocky created Shivangi’s village setup. He takes Shivangi out and makes an excuse of car breaking down. He then leaves Shivangi alone in the farmhouse. He got the snow machine at the terrace and starts it. He calls out Shivangi and tells her to recall their meets on Songadh. He shouts that he got the same love for her again.


There are shocking revelations in the show. Mohini is the one who controls Brahmarakshas. She has the powers to control the devil and make him spread terror in the village. Brahmarakshas has done all the crimes on Mohini’s orders. Mohini controls Brahmarakshas by help of a locket. Brahmrakshas got free of the cage, but she caught him again. He will do what Mohini tells him. Brahmarakshas has beaten the police and ruined village. Rishabh was also shocked seeing this. Raina gets to know Brahmarakshas’ truth that he is controlled by a powerful person. Will Raina find out Mohini is that hidden person?

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Chakor gets evidence against Bhaiya ji and runs from the place. Suraj manages Yadav. Yadav attacks on Suraj and shoots at him. Suraj gets a shocked as he has rescued jailer Yadav. Yadav asks Suraj not to hide and come out, as there is no chance he can stay alive. Suraj gets shot and injured. Suraj tries to run away and save his life. Yadav asks him to stop. Suraj can’t understand why jailer is doing this. Yadav asks Suraj to think of Lord before dying. Vivaan makes an entry and beats up jailer. Chakor has informed Vivaan that Suraj’s life is in danger. Vivaan told Imli that they should not get involved in this, but then he decided to go and save Suraj. Vivaan saves Suraj.

Chandra Nandni:

Chandragupt’s Rajtilak happens after he wins over Magadh. Chanakya has seen this dream of Chandragupt becoming Magadh’s king. Chandra wins the Praja’s hearts by freeing them of all the taxes. Nandini comes in the Rajtilak ceremony and accepted Chandragupts marriage proposal. She announces her decision. She does not know Padmanand is alive, and Chandra did not kill him. Moora is happy seeing her son Chandragupt become Magadh’s king. It was always Moora and Suryagupt’s dream to see their son as an emperor. Chandra and Nandini will be married now, and their own revengeful fight will begin.

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