Indira’s entry to flag new twists in P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke


Imaan and Nazneen celebrate at Sartaj’s home with his family. On Imaan’s words, Sartaj thinks to give his life another chance and value Harleen for her good qualities. Imaan asks Sartaj not to be insecure and be thankful to Harleen for doing all his duties in his absence.

Sartaj gets on a payback mind and wants to give much happiness to Harleen. Harleen is happy seeing Sartaj’s real efforts in their relation. Vikram convinces Ayaan to spy on Imaan by breaking him down for his mistake to vacate college by a hoax call. Ayaan gets frustrated to do this, but agrees to Vikram to save his own future. There will be new entry in the show. Indira Jai Singh is a young documentary filmmaker. She makes an entry in Singh family to make a documentary on Sartaj Singh. She will be capturing the life of Sartaj, who is a war hero. Indira will be the one who encourages Sartaj to relive his life. She will also try to get him closer to Harleen.


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Indira starts making the documentary and stays back at Singh house. Imaan tries hard to win Shaira’s heart and get her acceptance. However, Shaira rebels and goes for dinner with the nightclub owner Vineet. Ayaan lets Vikram enter the house in Imaan’s absence. Vikram searches the house to get some clue about Imaan and Sartaj’s plan. Vikram does not get anything. Ayaan gets angry on Vikram for doubting on Imaan. Vikram asks him to continue the work to find Imaan’s secret. Shaira gets upset when Nazneen tells her decision to Salim about re-beginning her life with Imaan. Shaira confronts Salim for his feelings for Nazneen. Salim leaves from Nazneen’s life. Indira takes Sartaj and his family’s interview for the documentary. Veera asks Harleen to be careful of Indira, as she is bonding with Sartaj much.

Shaira takes a drastic step and goes to attend Vineet’s party in anger. The things get worse for Shaira. Duggal does not get any solid evidence against Imaan and Sartaj, and cancels the support for the secret operation against the war heroes. Vikram does not let the doubt die and is still keen to find out Imaan and Sartaj’s hidden motives. He tries to convince Duggal for not withdrawing the support. Vikram calls upon his special guest to meet Duggal and present some insight on the operation.

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