Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:Raman and other Bhalla men come home drunk, after a party at Vidyut’s home. Bhalla family women will be not leaving them now. The men stop at the door and think what excuses to make. Adi tells them that they all should apologize to their life partners. Raman goes and hugs Ishita, to calm her anger.

Mere Angne Mein:

Lucky and Preeti get engaged by elder’s blessings. Shanti is upset and feels guilty of Nandu’s demise. Shanti holds Preeti and Kaushalya responsible. Nimmi and Nandu work out the plan to make Preeti marry to Lucky soon. Sarla is revengeful and wants to ruin Shanti’s peace. Sarla aims to snatch everything from Shanti and is angry as Shanti lost valuing her now. Sarla has many misunderstandings in mind.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:Kartik sees his dad in the hospital and hides. Kartik does not want to face his father. Suwarna knows Kartik can’t do such mistake to that level to kill anyone. Naira is annoyed with Kartik, as he has killed Akshara by the accident. Suwarna is Kartik’s step mum. Kartik hates her, while she has emotions for Kartik. On the other hand, Naira misses Akshara. Naira feels sorry that she could not become a good daughter and stayed annoyed with Akshara for so many years, and when they united recently, Lord has taken away Akshara. Naira feels sorry to hurt the world’s best mum Akshara, and cries for losing her. Will Naira be able to forgive Kartik for the accident?

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Tia runs away from the marriage on her husband’s insistence. Shivay gets angry knowing the bride has run away and forces Anika to marry him. Anika unwillingly marries Shivay. Anika does not know Daksh is a fraud, and feels sorry to cheat Daksh by marrying Shivay in the last moment. After the marriage, the entire family gets a shock, while Tia makes a re-entry. Tia gets shocked seeing Anika as Mrs. Shivay Singh Oberoi. Tia recalls her taunts to Anika. Tia comes up with a story that she was kidnapped and taken away from the wedding. While Shivay tends to believe Tia, Dadi accepts Anika as Shivay’s wife.


Jaggi has run away with the bomb. Gopi, Urmila and Urvashi are worried for Jaggi. Jaggi locks himself and then everyone hear the blast sound. Jaggi disappeared and everyone started crying. Jaggi comes back from the other side. They all get shocked seeing him alive.

Jaggi laughs and asks did they think he has gone away. He tells them that he did a work like hero, and that’s why he has made an entry in filmi style. He asks them to stop crying now. He tells them that it’s not his ghost, but he is really alive. After all the drama, police comes to catch Radhika and Mangesh. The duo has run away. Jaggi asks police to catch Radhika and Mangesh any how. Urvashi apologizes to Gopi for not believing her before.


Chanchal is very happy and welcomes everyone in the grand sangeet. Chanchan says they did not visit India since long, so she brought the Indian theme in sangeet in Austria. Chanchal describes all the ladies of Mehra family while introducing them. Pam does not like her description. Pam, Sudha and Sanjana are very upset seeing Naina with Veer. Dadi unites Veer and Naina’s hands. Veer and Naina dance in the sangeet. Dadi and Raghav have worked hard to unite Naina and Veer.


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