Anika changes Richa’s mind over marrying Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Everyone wait for Tia to come in the mandap. Pinky starts getting worried. Rudra is happy and wishes the marriage of Shivay and Tia does not happen. Dadi sends Anika to call Tia. While the Oberoi family performances go on, Anika goes to call Tia.

Anika gets shocked seeing Richa in Tia’s place. Richa hands over the marriage contract to Anika. Anika gets shocked knowing Tia has run away from marriage. She feels Shivay has gone mad now to do a marriage for one day. She is upset seeing his lowered thinking. She worries for Richa’s future and thinks to stop Shivay. Richa tries to take help from Anika. Richa does not want to marry as per the contract. Anika decides not to interfere in the matter and asks Richa to decide for her life. Richa expresses her wish for not marrying Shivay, even if her parents are forcing her.

Anika prepares herself to avoid this matter. Richa decides to commit suicide than marrying as per the contract. Anika agrees to help Richa. She calms down Richa. She asks her to follow her heart. Anika tells the real meaning of marriage and its importance in the bride’s life. Anika wonders why Shivay is making a joke of marriage by making a contract. Anika’s big words about marriage, love and sindoor make Richa understand. Anika feels contract marriage is a joke and leaves the decision on Richa, to become part of Shivay’s joke and marry him as per the pre nuptial agreement. Anika shows the real truth to Richa. She speaks against Shivay. Anika does not expect Shivay to respect girls.

Richa apologizes to Shivay and tells her decision that she can’t marry him. Shivay asks her the reason for her change in mind. Richa tells him that Anika has made her realize what big mistake was she going to do, and leaves from there. Shivay gets a shock. He gets angry on Anika for ruining his plan to cover up Oberoi’s reputation. Shivay does not let Anika leave and confronts her for interfering in his matter. He angrily hurts her and vents out his frustration. Anika says I just told Richa to follow her heart.

Shivay tells about the big business loss, Oberoi’s defamation in the media, when people know Tia Kapoor has run away before marriage, they will be ruined. Anika says Tia did not run away because of me. Shivay says thanks to you, Richa has run away. He asks her why did she get after him to increase his problems. He asks by what right is she interfering in his life. Anika tries explaining him to think about marriage, it’s not a business deal. She tells him not to cheat his entire family by marrying Richa. Shivay does not understand. What will Anika do? Keep reading.


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