Suraj’s survival turns mega dramatic in Udaan


There is a huge drama in the show. Chakor saves Suraj once again, and fails Ragini’s plans badly. Ragini and Bhaiya ji have caught up Suraj again. Bhaiya ji and Ragini laugh thinking Suraj is dead, and celebrate happily.

Ranjana is also glad. Bhaiya ji throws white flowers on Suraj and laughs madly. Suraj is alive and gets up to give a shock to Bhaiya ji and Ragini. Suraj throws away Ragini’s gun and scolds her. Vivaan have saved Suraj from jailer Yadav, and tied the jailer by ropes. Suraj acted of death to fool Bhaiya ji. Chakor and Imli come there to save Suraj, and aim gun at Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji takes them light and says Chakor can’t shoot him. Chakor tells him that she will bring many evidences against him to send him to jail. She tells Bhaiya ji that his family will mourn for his death now. Vivaan aims gun at Ranjana and tells he will not hesitate to shoot her, as she has become a criminal like Bhaiya ji now. Chakor threatens to kill Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets angry and leaves from the place, leaving Suraj alive. Keep reading.

Earlier in Udaan:

Suraj and Chakor got the lead of some man, who can tell them about Ragini. Ragini laid the trap for them. Suraj and Chakor enter some house and find jailer Yadav tied.

Ragini comes infront of them, and tells how she has laid the trap to get Suraj. Suraj and Chakor, come face to face with Ragini at her secret place. Ragini tells Suraj that she will kill him and gift his dead body to Bhaiya ji, then Bhaiya ji will be happy with her and announce her as his heir. Chakor takes a gun from Suraj and shoots at Ragini’s hand to make her drop the gun. Before the mega twists, the storyline got more of Suraj and Chakor’s togetherness and action scenes.

Chakor gets evidence against Bhaiya ji and runs from the place. Suraj manages Yadav. Yadav attacks on Suraj and shoots at him. Suraj gets a shocked as he has rescued jailer Yadav. Suraj gets shot and injured. Suraj tries to run away and save his life. Yadav asks him to stop. Vivaan makes an entry and beats up jailer. Chakor has informed Vivaan that Suraj’s life is in danger. Vivaan saves Suraj.


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