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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Rani has come to public property land to fix the price for the land to make a school for the kids. Rani gets missing. Raja is worried. Raja leaves from the haveli and madly tries finding Rani. There is someone after Rani.

The culprit is wearing a mask and follows Rani’s car. Rani is doing her best to serve society. Rani meets Nawab/Iqbal and checks the land. Thakur Baldev Singh is the mystery man after Rani who wants to kill her.There is some planning going on and Baldev Singh wants to kill both Raja and Rani. Rani will not die so soon, as she has Iqbal on her side. Iqbal wants to fulfill his mum’s dreams by opening the school.

Jamai Raja:

Satya and Mahi came to celebrate picnic with family, when they were returning, Mahi fell in big problem. Mahi falls down the cliff, and Satya holds her hand. The big boulders fall over them. Satya saves her and hugs her. Payal is around and attacking on them. Payal comes under everyone’s suspicion. Payal gets slapped and tries to give explanation, but no one had trust on her. Payal’s truth will come out later, but as of now Satya has turn heroic for Mahi again.


Maya is mad for Arjun and wants her love at any price. She goes crazy seeing Arjun with Saanjh. She gets jealous and raging. She does her own accident to get Arjun’s attention back. Arjun shouts seeing Maya’s accident and runs to her.

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