Abhi’s inclination for Pragya gets high in Kumkum Bhagya

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Abhi is disturbed and unable to play music on his guitar. He keeps the guitar away. Pragya comes to talk to him. She finds him worried and asks the reason. Abhi plays the wrong tune and gets angry on himself.

When Pragya is away from Abhi, the music leaves Abhi, when Pragya is close, the guitar plays in Abhi’s heart, he wants to stay with Pragya, but Pragya knows how to handle him. Pragya says I have to leave the job. Abhi finds excuses to stop her. Pragya is commanding Abhi. Pragya asks Abhi to sleep on time, and end all his work on time, else she will leave. Abhi says I can’t do this. She tells him that when there is no concerts, he will sleep on time and have homemade food with family. He asks why is she putting rules on him. She asks him to do what he wants, and she will leave the job. Abhi does not let her go.

Pragya thinks Abhi is distracted by the stress at home, so he is not able to focus, so she has to keep conditions. Pragya has kept three conditions. Abhi tells Pragya that she is his life running machine, he can’t live without her, if he had to take wedding rounds with her to keep her close, he would have even done that. Pragya gets shocked hearing him. Pragya threatens to leave Abhi and quit the job. Abhi unwillingly agrees to obey to all her rules. Pragya’s love will make Abhi think of Fuggi soon. Keep reading.






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