Gaura’s entry brings evil drama back in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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Chanda is using Meera’s emotions for the baby and blackmailing Meera and Vidya. She asks Vidya and Meera to slap each other. Vidya unwillingly slaps Meera. Chanda asks Meera to slap Vidya. Meera slaps Vidya and cries.

Chanda says this was no fun and asks the sisters to slap each other hard. Meera and Vidya’s slap gate drama goes on further. Chanda laughs on them. Chanda is doing this on Gaura’s orders. Gaura is all smiling seeing her bahus crying. Meera apologizes to Vidya for slapping her. The sisters get emotional for hurting each other. Gaura is playing this game. She shows sympathy for Meera and Vidya seeing their red cheeks and asks the matter. Knowing about slap drama, Gaura slaps Chanda hard. Chanda falls and Meera holds her out of concern. Meera and Vidya get in Gaura’s feet thinking Gaura has changed and really cares for them. Keep reading.






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