Shivika’s wedding moments to watch out tonight in Ishqbaaz….


Shivay saves the family reputation by getting his bride along. Though by force and threatening, Anika makes an entry with Shivay. Anika does not move. Shivay holds her hand and makes her walk along him.

He gives the warning to Tia’s mother and tells her that none should know Tia is not behind this ghunghat. He asks her to do all the rituals that she was supposed to do when Tia was the bride. He threatens to ruin her family and her business if she fails to do the rituals from bride’s side. Tia’s mum feels sorry. Pinky asks the bride to show the face. Pinky wants to see Tia’s face and goes to lift the ghunghat. Tia’s mum stops Pinky and makes an excuse of a ritual, that none can see bride’s face before mu dikhai. Pinky agrees to Tia’s mum. Anika regrets to marry like this without her willingness.

Anika feels trapped. Pandit guides them through the rituals. Anika cries and does not get up for the varmala exchange ritual. Shivay holds her hand. At every step, he makes her do the rituals. Shivay and Anika exchange the garlands. Anika stops for the wedding rounds ritual. Any way, the wedding rounds get completed. Shivay makes Anika wear the mangalsutra, still keeping her face covering with the ghunghat. Shivay applies sindoor to Anika. Pinky helps him in a way and asks everyone not to see Tia’s face, else it will be inauspicious. Tia’s mum says Shivay can see bride’s face. Shivay sees Anika.

Both of them take blessings from the family. Everyone is very happy for Shivay and Tia. Pinky congratulates the bride. Dadi senses Anika by the touch. Dadi gets confused and sees Shivay. Shivay does not meet Dadi’s eyes. Dadi blesses Shivay and Tia. The marriage track thankfully gets wrapped soon, without much dragging. Dadi stops Shivay at the door for the Grah pravesh rituals. She asks Jhanvi and Pinky to welcome the new bahu.

Dadi calls Anika for help. Pinky tells Dadi that Anika was missing in the marriage ceremony. Anika asks Shivay to tell truth to everyone, as she will not lie anymore. She goes to tell truth, but Shivay stops her. He threatens her about Sahil and asks her to remember his limits.

Pinky teases Shivay for not leaving Tia’s hand. Shivay leaves Anika’s hand. Everyone tease Shivay. Dadi welcomes the groom and bride by a proper grah pravesh rituals. She blesses them for a new start. Anika feels guilty to play with Dadi’s emotions. Shivay holds her hand again to stop her from saying anything. Omkara doubts seeing Shivay’s behavior. Rudra jokes that Shivay got strange because of marrying Tia. Anika enters the house as Oberoi’s bahu. Shivay does not want anyone to see the bride. Omkara suggests mu dikhai to happen the same night, as Omkara is doubtful about the bride. Shivay is stopped by the family, while he tries to drop Anika home. Keep reading.


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