TR’s Top Spoilers


Udaan: Suraj is injured. Chakor does not let Suraj get up and makes him rest. Suraj was shot by Yadav and the bullet just injured Suraj a bit. Chakor does aid to Suraj’s leg and makes him take complete rest. Suraj finds her a commanding wife.

Chakor stops Suraj and scolds him for being careless towards his health. Suraj and Chakor are coming close. Bhaiya ji will be making Suraj a bandhua. This will be big twist in the show. Vidya Balan will be part of the show Udaan and promote her movie Kahaani 2. Vidya tells Chakor that everyone is assuming her to be Durga Rani and got after her, but she is finding her little daughter. Chakor helps Vidya in finding the girl in the village.


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Aryan and Sanchi are dyeing the sarees. Sanchi got the colors on her hands. Aryan teases her. Sanchi runs away. Aryan and Sanchi have a cute romantic scene. He catches her and both colour each other’s faces. They play holi while doing their work. They spend some happy moments after their misunderstandings got over. Sanchi is helping Aryan in her family in the business. Sanchi is a responsible daughter, bahu and wife. Aryan started valuing her a lot.


Harman asks Soumya does she not like to be with him. Soumya refuses to reciprocate his love. Harman gets upset. Later, Soumya takes a decision. Surbhi wants to take Soumya with her back home. Soumya refuses to go back. Soumya’s Nani is emotional seeing the sister’s love.

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Badho Bahu and Gangaa:

Badho Bahu and Ganga will have a merger. Ganga is blaming Lucky to have kidnapped her daughter. Lucky did not kidnap Krishna. Komal tells Ganga that Lucky can never kidnap anyone. She asks Ganga to trust her. Lucky leaves in his jeep and does not see Krishna tied and put in his jeep. Lucky does not know how Krishna got in his jeep. He visits Gunghat wali Mata temple on his family’s saying. Lucky gets shocked seeing Krishna in the jeep. Badho will find out where is Krishna and prove Lucky innocent. The integrated track will be interesting.


Anika keeps the bridal dress and cries. She has left Oberoi mansion and crying on her fate. There is tension in Oberoi family to tell the truth to the world. Dadi tries to explain meaning of marriage to Shivay. Shivay does not accept the marriage and tells it’s a deal for him. Dadi scolds him and asks him what does he know if he does not differentiate between marriage and deal. She tells marriage is a relation of seven births, he can’t pay the price of sindoor.

Dadi likes Anika and now when Shivay married Anika, she does not want to let Anika go like this. She wants to convince Shivay to accept Anika as his wedded wife. Pinky refuses to accept Anika. Tej and Pinky argue and taunt each other over marriage. Tej asks Pinky to stop it. Pinky taunts Tej over his affair with Shwetlana. Dadi sees all the relations getting through huge ups and downs because of Shivay’s drastic step to marry Anika.


Naina gets a surprise by seeing her mother Asha in her wedding. Dadi has invited Asha in Austria for Naina and Veer’s wedding. Dadi welcomes Naina at the venue and gives her the beautiful surprise as Naina’s marriage can’t be completed without Asha’s blessings. Naina gets very happy as she did not expect this. Naina hugs Asha. She cries happily and thanks Dadi for the surprise. There will be twists in marriage. Naina and Raghav will get married.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:
Tiwari teases Anita to land in jail. Angoori and her mum ask Tiwari to do anything to go jail, so that he gets saved from big problem. Shaan will be seen in special weekend episode of the show.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi’s revenge started. She has killed Amar and Vikram, and is now targeting Avantika. Shivangi started burning her enemies’ world by her revenge love, but will Rocky’s love overpower her revenge?

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