Kasam – Shocking twists


Tanuja is pregnant, and this shocking news turns upsetting for everyone. Rano asks Tanuja whose child is it. Malaika taunts Tanuja and asks why did Tanuja not tell them before, she would have got Tanuja married to any guy to cover her illegitimate pregnancy, why did she marry Rishi.

Tanuja raises hand on Malaika, but Rano stops her. Rano does not believe that its Rishi’s child, and asks Tanuja whose child does she want to make Bedi’s heir. Rano calls Tanuja shameless and asks her not to dare and slap Malaika. Malaika has said bad to Tanuja’s parents and upbringing. Tanuja gets upset. Rishi helps Tanuja when she gets injured. Rishi does not say anything, but he has concern for her. Tanuja is scared of Rano, and asks Rishi to leave her, she will go herself. But, Rishi takes her upstairs and does not leave support. Rano and Malaika get angry seeing Tanuja.

Tanuja and Rishi’s relation was made by hatred. Their nok jhok was making their relation bind by love. Tanuja and Rishi were coming close. Tanuja expresses her love for Rishi. By Tanuja’s sudden pregnancy news, Rishi gets a big shock. Rishi argues with Tanuja and says it’s not his child. Their relation faces a tough time. Is Malaika behind framing Tanuja in fake pregnancy? Keep reading.


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