Akhilesh’s entry to spice up drama in Naagin 2


Rocky and Shivangi attend a friend’s party. Shivangi gets surprised by Rocky’s genuine concern. Shivangi gets hurt when someone pushes her and goes. Rocky and Shivangi have a romantic dance in the party. Sesha is also present there.

Rocky confesses love to Shivangi in front of everyone. They have an eyelock. Rocky makes Shivangi’s saree proper. Shivangi thinks of Rocky as a nice man. Shivangi wonders how she could hug Rocky today. Rocky’s Garuda locket falls down, and that’s why Shivangi did not get hurt. Shivangi is concerned for Rocky and finds the locket. She tries to pick the locket by holding some object. Even then, the locket gets touched by her and her hand bleeds. Rocky rushes to help and does the aid. He picks the locket. He takes care of Shivangi. Ankush’s elder brother Akhilesh Raheja will make an entry to settle scores with Yamini. He was settled in abroad and now he has come to take his share in Naagmani. There will be big fights for the Naagmani.

Shivangi’s revenge started. She has killed Amar and Vikram, and is now targeting Avantika. Shivangi started burning her enemies’ world by her revenge love, but will Rocky’s love overpower her revenge?


[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bVb5q13Ufs]

Earlier in the show

Rudra is injured. Shivangi takes him to the temple and prays to Shiv. Guru ji asks Shivangi to get such herbs that has to be obtained in her Naagin avatar. Shivangi takes a Naagin avatar to get the herbs to cure Rudra. On the other hand, Sesha and Yamini meet the mystery man, who is Ankush’s twin brother. He is also involved in killing Shivanya. There will be a party track, where the entry of the last killer will be seen. The new person will fill poison in Shivangi’s life. Its not easy for Shivangi to save Rudra, but Shivangi leaves to get the herb. Shivangi will succeed and save Rudra from Kaal. Shivangi says this is the start of her revenge, she will kill all of her enemies one by one.


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