Kokila vents out anger on Jaggi in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Kokila has taken her old avatar again. Kokila shouts its her house and she did not open any ashram to Urvashi. She humiliates Urvashi. She asks Urvashi what is her relation with her. She tells Urvashi that she is not her sautan.

Kokila creates a big issue after Gopi married Jaggi. She says Parag did not marry Urvashi. Jaggi tries to calm down Kokila and does her head champi. He tries to make Kokila and Urvashi’s relation better. Kokila scolds Jaggi. Jaggi still keeps his cool. Kokila asks him to stay away and stop being childish, as he is the reason of all this. She is taunting Jaggi and Urvashi. She asks Parag not to tell anything, as Modi house is her house. She asks Jaggi to take responsibility of his wife, as he has to start earning and do some job to get food every day.

She hurts Jaggi’s sentiments and asks him to get food from temple bhandaar if he wants to have free food. She asks Jaggi to earn money and give her, if he wants to have food at home. Kokila is angry as Urvashi made Gopi her bahu against Kokila’s will. Jaggi could not calm Kokila’s anger. Kokila calls him a cheater to stay with them and backstab them. Jaggi takes Urvashi with him. Jaggi will do something that will soften Kokila’s heart. Kokila will accept Jaggi for Gopi. Keep reading.



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