Malaika breaks up Rishi and Tanuja in Kasam

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There is a theme party kept by Rishi for Biji. Its Biji’s birthday. The Bedi family surprise Biji by their special dance performances. Rishi dances with Biji. Biji turns into a young girl and dances with her grandsons.

Rishi gets the cake and sings the birthday song. Biji makes Rishi and Tanuja dance. Rishi and Tanuja have a romantic dance, by keeping all the misunderstandings aside. They forget all the problems and get lost in each other’s eyes. Dadi finds both of them in love. Tanuja is worried for her pregnancy and hides the matter from Rishi. She is not able to celebrate happily, as the worries have occupied her mind. The party will bring dance, celebrations and a new twist. Malaika sends a chit to Rishi via the waiter, which gives him a big shock. Rishi reads the letter and gets a big shock. He sees Tanuja. Tanuja worries and leaves from the party. Rishi will get to know Tanuja’s pregnancy. Rishi confronts Tanuja about her pregnancy. Keep reading.






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