Satya to forgive Payal in Jamai Raja

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Aleena tries to get close to Satya seeing him sleeping. Satya was acting to sleep and catches Aleena red-handed. He drags Aleena out of his room. Aleena shouts that he loves her and asks her to admit it. She turns mad.

Satya asks Aleena to please leave. Mahi slaps Aleena angrily and is in shock seeing Aleena’s madness for Satya. Aleena wanted to get Satya by getting him drunk. Mahi exposes Aleena’s plan. Satya tells them that he has kept a snake at home, but seeing all the happenings, he has found that Aleena is the one backstabbing them. The drama is at its peak. There will be twists and turns. Aleena is kicked out of the house after getting much scolding. Mahi does not want Payal to come home. She asks Satya to make Payal leave. She asks Payal to leave. Satya is happy that Payal has done good for them, so they should forgive Payal. Keep reading.






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