Shivay’s marriage of convenience upsets all in Ishqbaaz


Pinky gets angry on both Anika and Shivay for cheating them and marrying. Unknown to the truth, Pinky raises hand on Anika to slap her for the misdeed. Shivay stops Pinky. He confesses that he told Anika to sit in mandap. He tells the family that he has married Anika by his wish.

Pinky asks Shivay how can he marry Anika without knowing her family and background. Shivay tells the truth. Pinky does not believe Shivay. She still doubts Anika that she trapped Shivay. She asks Shivay what about his company merger and marrying Tia. Shivay tells everyone that he married Anika to save the family reputation. He breaks out the truth that Tia has run away before marriage. Everyone gets a huge shock knowing Tia, who claimed to have love for Shivay was not ready for marriage and had run away. Shivay says Anika had to sit in mandap on my saying. It’s shocking for everyone to believe this.

Shivay tells them that it was much shocking and terrifying for him. He tells his step was to save the family reputation in front of media and business rivals. Tej is proud of Shivay for his big business to sacrifice his happiness and save the family respect. Omkara does not feel proud and is disappointed that Shivay fell too low to marry for saving business. Shivay argues with Omkara. He says I have thought by mind and did what was needed to save the family respect. Omkara confronts Shivay for taking a wrong decision and not valuing emotions. Tej gets angry on Omkara and is supportive of Shivay’s decision. Tej and Omkara get into an argument. Rudra asks all of them to accept the fact that Shivay and Anika are married now.

Rudra asks family to accept Anika as Shivay’s wife now, and drop all the discussions. Rudra calls Anika an angel to save Shivay in tough time again. Dadi accepts that Shivay and Anika got married. She tells Shivay that Anika has his name of sindoor and mangalsutra. Shivay gets into realization.

Pinky waits for Tia and scolds Anika for ruining their image in society. Pinky takes tension and gets dizzy. Anika runs to help. Pinky insults Anika and asks her to just get lost. She blames Anika for everything. She refuses to accept Anika as her bahu, because of Anika’s poor status. Jhanvi asks Anika why did she hurt all of them by lying to them. Pinky is upset over her fate to get a middle class bahu. Dadi supports Anika. Dadi is hurt that Anika married Shivay by cheat. She tells Anika that Shivay and Anika broke her trust. Dadi expresses her wish that she wanted Anika and Shivay to fall in love and marry, but not by making them ashamed. Dadi gets much upset with Anika for marrying Shivay the wrong way. The forced marriage truth does not come out. Anika lands back home. Sahil tells her that he could not attend Shivay’s marriage. Sahil asks her about her bridal dress. Anika cries out her pain. Shivay refuses to accept his marriage with Anika. Dadi counters his move to marry Anika for his purpose and then abandon his wife. Keep reading.


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