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Jamai Raja: Aleena tries to get close to Satya seeing him sleeping. Satya was acting to sleep and catches Aleena red-handed. He drags Aleena out of his room. Aleena shouts that he loves her and asks her to admit it. She turns mad.

Satya asks Aleena to please leave. Mahi slaps Aleena angrily and is in shock seeing Aleena’s madness for Satya. Aleena wanted to get Satya by getting him drunk. Mahi exposes Aleena’s plan. Satya tells them that he has kept a snake at home, but seeing all the happenings, he has found that Aleena is the one backstabbing them.

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Naagin 2:

Rocky and Shivangi attend a friend’s party. Shivangi gets surprised by Rocky’s genuine concern. Shivangi gets hurt when someone pushes her and goes. Rocky and Shivangi have a romantic dance in the party. Sesha is also present there. Rocky confesses love to Shivangi in front of everyone. They have an eyelock. Rocky makes Shivangi’s saree proper. Shivangi thinks of Rocky as a nice man. Shivangi wonders how she could hug Rocky today. Rocky’s Garuda locket falls down, and that’s why Shivangi did not get hurt. Shivangi is concerned for Rocky and finds the locket. She tries to pick the locket by holding some object.

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There is a theme party kept by Rishi for Biji. Its Biji’s birthday. The Bedi family surprise Biji by their special dance performances. Rishi dances with Biji. Biji turns into a young girl and dances with her grandsons. Rishi gets the cake and sings the birthday song. Biji makes Rishi and Tanuja dance. Rishi and Tanuja have a romantic dance, by keeping all the misunderstandings aside. They forget all the problems and get lost in each other’s eyes. Dadi finds both of them in love. Tanuja is worried for her pregnancy and hides the matter from Rishi. She is not able to celebrate happily, as the worries have occupied her mind.


Sanjay has turned furious. Shivam and Rishabh are his target today. Both of them are caught by the devil. Brahmarakshas catches them by neck and throws them. Shivam cuts his hand and sheds blood to give sacrifice to save the village. Rishabh tries to stop Shivam from giving his sacrifice.

Shivam calls the Brahmarakshas for a fight by showing off the blood. Rishabh has blamed Shivam for dealing with Brahmarakshas. Shivam had to prove himself innocent and went to sacrifice himself. Sanjay attacks Shivam. Shivam’s mum begs to Sanjay. Rishabh pushes Sanjay and gets thrown away.


Mansi has kidnapped Swara. Swara got to know that Mansi and Nikhil are planning to kill Laksh. Swara does not know the reason. Mansi sees Swara and ties her. Swara gets free and runs to Sanskar. Swara tells Sanskar that Laksh’s life is in danger. They rush to save Laksh.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door:

Atharv is accused of Guddi’s murder. Since, he is mentally unstable, he is not arrested and sent to the mental asylum. Atharv is not treated well in the asylum and gets flashes of his past. Sujata curses Vividha and blames her for Atharv’s bad fate. Vividha suspects someone else is framing Atharv. Vividha takes Ravish’s help to find the real murderer. Atharv gets memory flashes and recalls his past. Will Atharv get fine and come back in Vividha’s life?





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