Nemesis for Gopi and Jaggi again in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi and Gopi have new enemies. They get spying to find their new enemies. Gopi sees Paridhi acting weird and leaving from the house. Gopi follows Paridhi. He gets doubtful about her. Jaggi and Gopi do not know who is planning against them.

Paridhi steals Jaggi’s boxing gloves from his room. Gopi wonders why is Paridhi doing this. She catches Paridhi. Jaggi is starting his wrestling business. Paridhi wants to ruin his new work. Paridhi and Mona lie that Kokila is making them do this. Gopi gets shocked and does not believe them. Paridhi says Kokila is behind this and asks Gopi not to ask Kokila, else Kokila will not leave them. Jaggi will teach the kids about body building and wrestling. Jaggi will train children. Urmila comes to encourage him, and tells him that Kokila is not bad at heart. Urmila has helped Jaggi a lot in getting his love Gopi. Jaggi says the fuse is blown off and Kokila has done this. Gopi tells them that Kokila can never do this. Someone else is blaming Modi and doing all this. Gopi and Kokila’s relation will not break by anyone. Kokila is against Jaggi and Gopi’s relation, that’s why Kokila is under doubt by Jaggi. Keep reading.


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