IshRa’s nok jhok, romance and parental jitters next in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman and Ishita have a sweet moment. Ishita is in confusion about deciding her saree for a party. Ishita shows many sarees. Raman remarks wrong on all the sarees. He asks Ishita to not take stress, as its small house party.

Raman gives reactions seeing the net sarees. Ishita shows beautiful sarees. Raman has problems that Ishita will win everyone’s attention. Ishita asks Raman why does he not like her to look beautiful. He makes excuse that its Vidyut’s party and Vidyut should be in limelight. Raman chooses a bad one and asks Ishita not to look good to others, else he will be jealous. Ishita laughs on his insecurities. Later, they both argue as Raman has changed his phone password. The matter from Mrs. Bhalla comes to Ishita. Even Mrs. Bhalla is annoyed for the same reason. Ishita asks Raman how can he hide the password from her and packs her bag to leave from the house.

Raman does not know what’s the big issue and stops her from going to Iyer house. There will be entry of Ruhi’s love interest. Ruhi takes Ruhaan’s avatar again. Suhail asks Ruhi to just stay in her own avatar, and compliments her looks. Suhail asks Ruhi not to hide her original looks from the world. He asks her to be herself. Ruhi gets glad as she likes Suhail. Ruhi will be saving Suhail’s company which is sinking now.


Ruhaan’s concert can save Suhail’s company. Ruhi will help Suhail in his business and the two will bond. Ruhi and Suhail’s love started to blossom. Ruhi hides her feelings from Ishita and lies to her to go and meet Suhail. Ruhi can’t explain herself to Ishita and Raman. Ruhi and Suhail’s relation gives tension to Raman. Ishita and Ruhi have a friendly talk. Ishita asks Ruhi never to hide anything from her parents and hugs her.

Earlier in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mrs. Bhalla has a new problem. Ishita and Raman have big tension again. Mrs. Bhalla doubts that Mr. Bhalla have an affair. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry on Mr. Bhalla that he did not share his mobile password. She does not want him to hide anything from her. She tells Ishita about her doubt on Mr. Bhalla. Ishita pacifies her.

Someone is after Simmi and sending her flowers. Simmi is happy these days and goes out of home for some time. Mrs. Bhalla thinks whom did Simmi meet. Suhail comes to Bhalla house with Ruhi. Everyone asks them how did they come together. Raman gets angry and warns Suhail to be away from Ruhi. Ishita stops Raman.


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