Omkara turns an eye-opener for Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets Tia’s sandals to obey her orders. Tia insults Anika and pities her to lose everything after becoming Oberoi’s bahu. She asks Anika to make her wear the sandals now. She says Anika would feel its unfair with her as she is Shivay’s wife and doing a servant’s work.

Anika scolds Tia for being so shameless to run away from marriage and then come back to stay with Shivay even when they did not get married. She doubts that Tia has plotted her own kidnapping. Tia gets angry.

Meanwhile, Omkara and Rudra go to talk to Shivay. Omkara and Rudra did not expect Shivay to announce Tia as his wife. Shivay explains that he is married to Tia in the world’s eyes and now after declaring Tia as wife, all the things got sorted so well, without much efforts to hide anything. Omkara tries to make Shivay see the reality. Shivay asks Omkara not to complicate the things again. Omkara tells him that things will not sort so easily, as its marriage relation. Shivay tells them that he will give divorce to Anika. Omkara tells him that its not easy to break a relation. Shivay is sure he can do it.

Omkara asks Shivay why did he break his brother’s trust, heart and pride. He asks Shivay to be careful, else he will be hurt by the things he broke. Shivay does not want to argue with Omkara and asks him to finish the topic off. Omkara does not end the matter and asks Shivay to take the matter in right direction. Omkara tells Shivay the mistakes he did. Shivay does not accept anything as a mistake, as he has done this to keep up family reputation. Omkara does not agree with Shivay and tells Shivay that whatever he did is just for himself, not for them. He reminds Shivay the mistake he did, he made Anika marry him and now doing mistake by breaking it.

Rudra does not know why Anika agreed to marry Shivay for one day, why was she helpless. Shivay feels ashamed to tell his brothers how he forced Anika to marry him. Shivay does not answer them. Omkara demands an answer being pretty sure that Anika would have not agreed to marry this way by cheating the family. He asks Shivay what did he do with Anika that she had to agree for marriage, did he force her or she agreed herself.

Omkara asks Shivay not to keep any secrets as they promised each other. Rudra feels guilty to hide the secret of his and Soumya’s marriage. He asks Omkara to come and leave the matter, maybe it’s not the right time to ask Shivay. Omkara hopes Shivay did not do anything that would make him fall in his brothers’ eyes. He asks Shivay why did he not tell Anika before announcing Tia as his wife. He says if Anika knew this before, it would be not a shock for her, as she deserves better things. Shivay gets into realization over Omkara’s words. Keep reading.


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