Shivay clears up the relationship confusion in Ishqbaaz


Tia treats Anika as her servant in front of the media. Anika does not give up to Tia’s foolish demands and teaches her a lesson by twisting her feet while making her wear the sandals. She asks Tia to be careful, else she will fall over her face. Anika keeps her dignity.

Shivay thinks of his brothers’ words and does not want to fall in their eyes. He rushes to Anika to stop her. He takes Anika along to talk. Omkara feels Shivay has realized his mistake. Shivay does not care what Omkara, Rudra and family thinks. He wants to clear Anika’s confusion and tells her the truth that the marriage means nothing to him. Even if Dadi wants him to keep the marriage, he has no interest in keeping the marriage. He tells her that Dadi got Anika as bahu, but he can never give her wife’s status. He tells Anika to know that divorce will happen in few days and then they both can go their own way. Anika feels hurt seeing his rudeness.

Shivay acts as if nothing happened. Anika confronts him for using her weakness Sahil to break her strength, her self-esteem and hopes. She asks Shivay why did he make fun of her fate by shattering her life in a moment. She calls him insensitive to think nothing happened, but for her, entire life changed with this forced marriage.

Anika is sure Shivay will definitely understand her state when someone else decides about his life, like he decided for her life. She asks him to experience the sorrow and pain that time when anyone snatches his beloved one and hurts his feelings. Shivay realizes the pain he has given Anika. He stops himself from helping her out, knowing he is the one who has immensely played with her emotions by using Sahil. Shivay hurts himself by burning his hand by candle fire.

Anika sheds tears to lighten her heart. Anika decides to go home. Dadi stops Anika and reminds this is her house. Dadi blames Tia to be their problem, by ruining Anika’s happiness. Tia acts innocent. Dadi asks Tia why did she meet media as Shivay’s wife, and snatched Anika’s rights. Tia puts everything on Shivay. Dadi gets her anger on Shivay and Tia. Shakti and Tej agree with Dadi to disrespect marriage and not asking them once before announcing Tia as his wife.

Shivay takes it easy and asks them to just forget it. Pinky is the only one supporting Tia and Shivay. Pinky argues with Dadi. Dadi believes Anika is Shivay’s wife. Shivay refuses to accept this marriage. Though Shivay did not marry Tia, he tells the family that Tia is his wife, shocking everyone.


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