Shivika’s romance starts with a twist in Ishqbaaz


Shivay has done a lot of mistakes to save his family reputation. He has cheated Anika and married her, and now he has to live up to the expectations of the family. Dadi is angry after the reception incident. Shivay loves Dadi and keeps up her heart.

Shivay and Anika are made to do the post marriage rituals. The ring finding ceremony is celebrated by them. Everyone wants to see who wins between them and finds ring first. Shivay and Anika try to find the ring, and get it together. Dadi gets glad as they both are equal in all terms. Dadi blesses them. Anika can’t refuse to Dadi and agrees to do as Dadi says, but Anika does everything unwillingly. Shivay gets angry seeing Anika and leaves from there. Shivay does not want to do the rituals and is least interested in the marriage. Later on, Dadi asks the all the married couples to dine together, and feed food to each other. Tia starts doing drama to make Anika jealous.

Tia goes to hold Shivay’s hand. She asks Shivay to fill sindoor in her hairline. Tia’s mom gets the sindoor. Rudra makes Tia’s mom stumble. Sindoor falls over Anika’s hairline, while sindoor makes Tia’s face turn red. Shivay asks Tia to clean her face. Anika sees the sindoor in her hairline. Dadi asks Anika to understand how sindoor fell in her hairline, as it belongs to her. Anika goes to help Tia. Shivay needs to understand the clues given by Lord.

On the other hand, Priyanka was fearing that Randhawa will return and not let her forget the accident case matter easily. He comes to surprise Priyanka in the party. Randhawa meets Priyanka and tries to scratch the old wounds to get her answer about the accident case. He asks her why did she not help him, does she not have any guilt in heart. Priyanka gets ready to tell him the secret.

Randhawa wants to know the accident truth. Priyanka stops Randhawa to tell him everything. Randhawa asks her to just say it. Priyanka did not have courage to tell him before. He understands she is about to tell him about accident. Priyanka admits that she has done that accident by which Randhawa lost his sister. She tells Randhawa that Omkara did not do that accident. Randhawa gets a big shock. Priyanka apologizes to Randhawa and accepts her crime. Keep reading.



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