Vidyut bids farewell to Bhallas in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita throws a house party for Vidyut. The Bhalla family celebrate. Everyone dance in the party. Ruhi dances with Suhail. Raman compliments Ishita for her looks. Vidyut comes and gives presents to everyone. The women get glad seeing him.

Mrs. Bhalla gets glad when Vidyut compliments her for looking young as Raman’s sister. Shagun and Mani come to in the party. Shagun sees Ruhi with Suhail, and points finger at Ishita’s upbringing to support Ruhi. Ishita asks Shagun who gave her right to point finger at them. taunts Shagun for leaving her husband and daughter for Vidyut. Mani hears this and gets shocked. Mani leaves being upset with Shagun. Shagun gets angry and asks Ishita did she call them for doing this here. Mani was on business trips since a year and did not know about Shagun and Vidyut. Shagun argues with Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shagun for being shameless. Shagun gets angry on Vidyut and leaves from the party. Vidyut is leaving for abroad, and hopes Raman and Ishita do not face more problems because of him. Keep reading.


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