Rocky’s jealousy over Rudra gets high in Naagin 2


Rudra and Alia are getting engaged. Everyone is happy Rocky doubts that Rudra and Shivangi have an affair. He imagines Shivangi with Rudra. Rocky sees Shivangi dancing romantically with Rudra, but it’s not the reality.

Actually, Rudra is dancing with Alia post their engagement. He gets jealous and sits drinking. Sesha comes to him and expresses his love to Rocky. Rocky compliments her looks. Sesha thanks and hugs Rocky. Rocky is drunk and dances with Sesha. Sesha gets happy. Rocky is angry and does not understand what’s the truth. His mind is playing games with him, and moreover Sesha is taking Shivangi and Rocky’s avatar by create misunderstanding between them. Rocky feels Shivangi loves Rudra and feels cheated. Rocky can’t understand that Rudra and Shivangi are just good friends. Yamini feels she will soon get the naagmani. Rudra has won Yamini’s trust and wants to break their team. Yamini wants to get Naagmani’s key inside her house, while Shivangi is planning against Yamini. Keep reading.


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