Ruhi gets upset by Raman’s coddling in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman takes Ruhi’s phone to check if there is any guy’s pic. Raman wants to know whom is Ruhi dating. Ishita sees Raman using Ruhi’s phone and asks why is he spying on Ruhi. Raman says I m her father, I m checking the phone to be sure that my daughter is not walking on wrong path and no one hurts her.

Raman could not check the phone as the password does not open. Raman sees Ishita and enters her birthday, which is the actual password. Raman checks the pics. Ruhi comes to them and catches Raman with her phone. She asks Raman why was he checking her phone. Raman tells her that he cares for her, he does not want her to be harmed. Ruhi shows him the pics and says there is no one’s pic which he wants to find. Ruhi is dating Suhail and hiding from Raman and Ishita. Raman asks Ruhi why is Suhail’s pic there in her phone.

Ruhi shows him that that’s group pics, she is talking to Suhail these days, its normal pics. Ruhi is just infatuated to Suhail. Raman acts like a concerned father, which does not go well with Ruhi. They get into an argument. Ishita stops Raman, and tells him to give time to Ruhi.

Raman asks is Ruhi gets harmed, who will take the guarantee of her security. Ishita takes the responsibility of Ruhi. Later, Raman makes tea fall on Ishita’s medical papers. Ishita gets annoyed with him. Raman praises her saree and the food she made, to end her annoyance. Raman apologizes to her. Raman and Ishita sort their arguments over Ruhi and Suhail’s relation. Ishita is sure that Ruhi will tell them if she gets sure about Suhail.

Earlier in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi dances with Suhail in the house party. Shagun sees Ruhi with Suhail, and points finger at Ishita’s upbringing to support Ruhi. Ishita asks Shagun who gave her right to point finger at them. taunts Shagun for leaving her husband and daughter for Vidyut. Mani hears this and gets shocked. Mani leaves being upset with Shagun. Shagun gets angry and asks Ishita did she call them for doing this here. Mani was on business trips since a year and did not know about Shagun and Vidyut. Shagun argues with Ishita. Will Ruhi’s new relation crop new problems for the family? Keep reading.


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