BrahmaRakshas – Mohini attacks Raina

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Raina is fighting with death for Rishabh. She falls on the huge pit, which is burning. Raina shouts for help and cries. Rishabh is in coma. Raina has fell down in the pit after getting a herb. The enemies will not let Raina win and save Rishabh.

Mohini and Yug take disguise and come there. They try to burn Raina alive by making her fall in the covered pit. Before Raina got burnt, Shivam makes an entry there. He puts sand on the fire. He blows off the fire and gives the tree branch to get Raina out of the pit. Raina cries and thanks her. Raina is giving this tough test as just she can do this as per her kundli. Everyone wants to snatch the herbal flower from her, but Shivam saves Raina. Raina wanted the herb as Rishabh is in coma. Shivam comes to save Raina. Mohini tried to ignite fire and burn up Raina, but failed.

Raina gets another challenge to reach Rishabh. Shivam saves Raina. Raina takes Mata blessings from temple. Mata’s blessing cloth falls on her forehead when she went to pray in temple. Mohini has attacked Raina and hides seeing Shivam. Mohini sees Raina alive and runs. Raina gets the herbs and tells Shivam that she got herbs, and now they have to rush to Rishabh. Raina has doubts that the culprit is someone whose name has letter I in it. Mohini is after all this. Mohini has hurt Rishabh so that she can break down Raina. Mohini used Rishabh to trap Raina. Mohini wants to become most powerful. Will Raina find out Mohini’s truth? Keep reading.

Earlier in Brahmarakshas

There are shocking revelations in the show. Mohini is the one who controls Brahmarakshas. She has the powers to control the devil and make him spread terror in the village. Brahmarakshas has done all the crimes on Mohini’s orders. Mohini controls Brahmarakshas by help of a locket. Brahmrakshas got free of the cage, but she caught him again. He will do what Mohini tells him. Brahmarakshas has beaten the police and ruined village. Rishabh was also shocked seeing this. Raina gets to know Brahmarakshas’ truth that he is controlled by a powerful person.

Sanjay turns furious. Shivam and Rishabh are his target today. Both of them are caught by the devil. Brahmarakshas catches them by neck and throws them. Shivam cuts his hand and sheds blood to give sacrifice to save the village. Rishabh tries to stop Shivam from giving his sacrifice. Shivam calls the Brahmarakshas for a fight by showing off the blood. Rishabh has blamed Shivam for dealing with Brahmarakshas. Shivam had to prove himself innocent and went to sacrifice himself. Sanjay attacks Shivam. Shivam’s mum begs to Sanjay. Rishabh pushes Sanjay and gets thrown away.

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